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PrestaShop is now available 29 March 2017 Optimization, performance and functionality are the major themes in this release A few months ago we introduced you to PrestaShop 1.7, a major release that featured big improvements to the user... Read more
Top 10 Features to boost sales and run your... 16 March 2017 In an ever growing and competitive online market, you are always looking for the right tools and features to help you sprint ahead. That’s why we offer innovative built-in features to boost your... Read more
Successfully Migrate Your E-Commerce Site 16 March 2017 Migrating to PrestaShop generally happens when redesigning an e-commerce site. The aim is to optimize the site’s performance to increase sales. It is a tricky operation that should be handled... Read more
Four Ways to Use Discount Coupons to Achieve... 14 March 2017 Using coupons in e-commerce has become a commonplace marketing strategy, but is very effective when done correctly. With one in two purchases being made with a promotional code, not using them... Read more
Five tips for a successful redesign of your... 02 March 2017 Your store has been online for several months now. Sales are picking up, and now you’re looking to take things to the next level. You’ll need to set yourself apart and create an even stronger... Read more
6 Tips for a faster E-Commerce Website 01 March 2017 By Timme Hosting The page speed or site speed is a particularly important aspect for a website and even more so for an online shop. Nevertheless, the issue of page speed is often neglected.... Read more
Meet Deyson, Ambassador of the month | February... 28 February 2017 Deyson is our extremely dynamic Ambassador in Rio de Janeiro. He’s always ready to give a talk about PrestaShop or answer your questions. Deyson is always up to something within the city of Rio, a... Read more
Three reasons eCommerce companies should... 23 February 2017 Every eCommerce company aims to build a sustainable and profitable business. To do so, they should focus on their pricing strategies. Every business, large or small, can benefit from finding new... Read more
How to get a profitable online store by setting... 22 February 2017 by SendCloud Shipping orders is one of the most important parts of running an online store. In fact, there is no other way to reach your customer? Lots of companies are offering shipping solutions... Read more