Who are we ?

Amikinos is a family owned business located in Touraine, between Tours and Saumur. We are consumers, and Amikinos was indeed created from a consumer’s perspective. Being the witness of what the multinationals of pet food are doing, we decided to react and offer an alternative. Our dogs and cats deserve our respect. They deserve to be fed decently. Us, their owners, do not accept to be fooled anymore. Amikinos goes in the opposite direction of the common industrial practices. We are 100% convinced that health depends on a healthy lifestyle - starting with food. From the request and the help from our customers from the Institut La Vallière, we have created Amikinos in order to be the answer for us, consumers.

Our mission is:

  • to deliver the healthiest food for our dogs and cats,
  • to assist and advise you in the choice of the food most adapted to your dog and cat,
  • to insure the following of your dog and cat’s diet,
  • to become a model of eco-friendly business.

Integrity, respect, fidelity are the key words governing our actions. The respect of nature (flora, fauna...) and our pets is and always has been our primary concern. Our eco-friendly company, deeply concerned with our pets and the nature they live in, do not take part in any sort of animal experimentation. We are truly against it, and we refuse to work with any collaborators who would do so.