28-30 cm chewing bone


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Our chewing bone, made from natural cow skin, is designed to reward or keep your puppy/adult dog busy.

Entirely natural, it is 100% digestible even for few month old puppies.

Chewing this bone for a long time is beneficial for the oral hygiene. Some of our customers reported back to us saying that their dogs’ teeth got whiter

Our advice:

  • Give this bone for your puppy to chew. This will help cut its teeth.
  • You can also give our bone to dog to prevent boredom and clean its teeth when your dog stays alone.

Above all and in all cases, you will make you dog happy.

There is absolutely no reason why you could not give our chewing bone to your dog. Our chewing bone does not interfere with daily food intake. It is perfectly digested and do not provide energy.

You can safely give our chewing bone to your dog as much as you like.

One thing to keep in mind: choose the size according to your dog. Our biggest chewing bones are not suitable for very small dogs.

The Amikinos chewing bones are made from natural cow skin:

First, the skin is mechanically cleaned to get rid of the hair. Secondly, the skin is washed with clear water without any use of chemicals. Thirdly, the skin is sliced into strips and folded into the shape of a bone. Finally, the bones are oven dried to guarantee a perfect result.

The clear water washing insures a safe washing without any risk for your dog since nothing else is added to the water.

The natural gas oven drying insures a complete and deep drying. The skin is not altered by this drying method unlike others.

In fact, sun drying (no temperature control), wood/diesel oven drying can “jellify” the skin. The bones can also be dry on the surface but still moist on the inside which can contribute to the development of mould.

The Amikinos chewing bones are fully natural, perfectly dried (even on the inside) and 100% healthy and digestible.