Wild deer antlers XXL


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Antlers from the moult of wild deer collected in Hungary in the forests of Zalaerdő.

Each year, during the deer moult, their antlers fall. They are then picked up, cleaned without any chemicals or additives, and cut up. No deer was therefore killed or even approached in order to recover the antlers.

These deer antlers are perfect as a toy / treat for dogs because they are 100% natural and contribute to dental hygiene. They are also very durable and will allow your dog to chew for long hours.

The antler size XXL is suitable for dogs weighing more than 50kg.

Sold individually.

Read the instructions for use carefully before use.

Non contractual photo. The antlers all have different shapes / colors. The antlers you will receive will therefore not be identical to the one the photo.

Origin: Hungary


Composition: 100% deer antlers.


  • Do not let your dog chew the antlers more than an hour and a half per day.
  • Do not leave your dog unattended with the antlers.
  • Do not give to a dog with dental problems.
  • Do not take a size too small for your dog.
  • Discard the antlers when, as a result of chewing, it becomes too small and thus presents a risk of being swallowed.

Characteristics of XS antlers for dogs weighing more than 50kg:

  • Size: over 15 cm.
  • Quality: AA +
  • Weight: over 250 gr.